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Rahul Chauhan | Share Investment Strategist

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Conceptual explanation with real-life examples & practical insights

Hands-on Experience

Usage of complex tools to do self-analysis and formulate strategies

Discussion Forum

Building a Community for helping each other in the journey of wealth multiplication.

About ME

It all started when I have borrowed a peeking Warren Buffett book from my friend’s bookshelf. The book inspired me to such an extent that I have decided to invest my pocket money in the share market.

After my MBA, one day, I found my next inspiration on the roadside. I spotted a bookseller and asked for a Warren Buffett book. He said no in despair and handed another book named Dhando Investor. While handing over the book he said, “Babuji ye kitab aapki zindagi badal degi”.


How you can preserve your wealth?

You can book your slot for my 30 Min Strategy Session & Take a Leap towards Building a legacy for your future.

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